Grand Slam of Slots IIThe Grand Slam of Slots tournament is back with bigger prizes than ever! The first GSOS tournament held in 2009 resulted in the first online slots tournament millionaire, and this year there is a special prize of $2.43 Million in gold.

On top of that golden prize, there is a minimum prize pool of $290,000 with a guaranteed grand prize of $100,000. The prize pool depends on the number of players participating in the tournament, and there is a limit of 5000 players.

This tournament is held by Microgaming through the many participating Microgaming Casinos who have tickets to give away as prizes in the many feeder tournaments and special promotions, starting today March 14, 2011.

How the Tournament Works

Starting on March 14th, participating casinos (shown below) will begin holding regular feeder tournaments with entries to the GSOS final as the prizes. There are also various other promotions at these casinos offering players additional ways to win tickets to the final tournament.

To increase your chances of winning a ticket, all you really have to do is play at your favorite Microgaming Casinos. The more casinos you play at, the more variety of chances you will have to win a ticket. You can also win several tickets this way because entries to the final are only limited to one per alias, not one per person. You have to create a different alias for each casino that you play tournaments at.

Each casino has their own terms, so make sure you read them. Most state that you must be a depositing player, and at Red Flush for example you have to have deposited over $100 and wagered over $3000 to play in the final. Since there is two months before the final, that’s not a hard thing to do if you just play at the casino few times.

Once you have your tickets to the finals, all you have to do is wait until May 27th when the GSOS II Final starts. The prize table for the final is shown to the right, but that will change once the number of players is known. The more players there are, the bigger the prize pool gets.

The nice thing I noticed is that there are only 5 continues. Sure that will cost $100, but it’s definitely worth it if you start with a good run, and not a bad investment if you win the $100,000.

Prize Table

Position Prize Prizes Total
1st $100,000.00 1 $100,000.00
2nd $50,000.00 1 $50,000.00
3rd $25,000.00 1 $25,000.00
4th $12,500.00 1 $12,500.00
5th $7,500.00 1 $7,500.00
6th $5,000.00 1 $5,000.00
7th $4,000.00 1 $4,000.00
8th $3,000.00 1 $3,000.00
9th $2,000.00 1 $2,000.00
10th $2,000.00 1 $2,000.00
11th-25th $1,000.00 15 $15,000.00
26th-35th $900.00 10 $9,000.00
36th-45th $800.00 10 $8,000.00
46th-55th $700.00 10 $7,000.00
56th-65th $600.00 10 $6,000.00
66th-75th $500.00 10 $5,000.00
76th-85th $400.00 10 $4,000.00
86th-95th $300.00 10 $3,000.00
96th-115th $200.00 20 $4,000.00
116th-125th $150.00 10 $1,500.00
126th-290th $100.00 165 $1,650.00
Special Prize $2.43 Million 1 $2.43 Million

The first player to complete the Thunderstruck II paytable achievements will win the special prize of $2.43 Million in gold bullion. A re-buy will reset the paytable. I’m not yet sure what happens if nobody completes the achievements, I didn’t see anything about the gold being guaranteed to be given away, but I hope someone wins it.

Stay tuned to this page for updates over the next couple of months.

Participating Casinos

Maple Casino and other Vegas Partner Lounge casinos
All Slots and the Jackpot Factory casinos
Red Flush and Casino La Vida
Go Wild Casino

Grand Slam of Slots II Finals

Finals Start:
Finals End:
Game to be played:
Min. Players:
Max. Players:
Starting Coins:
Coins per Rebuy:
Coins per Add-On:
Friday 27 May 2011 – 05:00 GMT
Monday 6 June 2011 – 17:00 GMT
Thunderstruck II
58,500 coins (195 spins on Max Bet of 300 per spin @ 18 minutes of play)
Unlimited number of Rebuys at a cost of $20 each
58,500 coins (195 spins on Max Bet of 300 per spin @ 18 minutes of play)
Max of 5 Add-Ons at a cost of $20 each
27,000 coins (90 spins on Max Bet of 300 per spin @ 8 minutes of play)
Only the player’s top score will be represented on the leaderboard and be eligible for a prize.

32 Red Casino

Free Slot Tournament

There is a huge freeroll slot tournament held every month at Vegas Partner Lounge online casinos. €30,000 is given away to the top 100 players at the end of each tournament. Entry is totally free, you just have to be a depositing player at any or all of these Vegas Partner Lounge online casinos. You can play the tournament at each of their casinos to give you more chances to win. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

This free slot tournament is held monthly, and the prize pool was just recently increased to €30k from €25k, making it the biggest freeroll slot tournament out there. Vegas Partner Lounge have a great reputation for running trusted online casinos, and one of my favorite online casinos, 32Red Casino, is one of them.

Free Slot Tournament Details

Registration opens: OPEN
Tournament Begins: Thursday 23 June 2011
Tournament Ends: Sunday 3 July 2011
Entry Fee: FREE
Prize Pool: €30,000
Game: Tomb Raider

If you haven’t played at a Vegas Partner Lounge casino before, head over to this page and find the welcome bonus that looks best to you and sign up at that casino. After making your first deposit you can go to the tournaments page in the casino and sign up for your free chance at the €30,000 prize pool.

Free Slot Tournament

Freeroll Slot Tournaments

Club World Casinos is hosting another week of the best freeroll slot tournaments I have played. If you’ve read my Club World Casino Review, you will know how much I like these tournaments. I was even able to win the top prize at one, and I normally never come close to winning the many freerolls that I play in, but most free tournaments only give you free entry to the tournament.

Most freeroll slot tournaments at online casinos give you the option to continue playing, but you have to pay to do so. That’s NOT a free tournament and they shouldn’t be allowed to call them freerolls. What I love about these tournaments at Club World, is the fact that you only get one shot, and so does everybody else.

All you have to do to play in these tournaments is sign up and make a deposit at Club World Casino, then keep an eye on the Tournaments page to register for each one before the limited spots fill up. The last tournament of the week is a VIP event for players that have made 3 or more deposits at the casino during their lifetime at Club World.

This week of freeroll slot tournaments at Club World Casino is now held every month around the same time.

Winnings are not added to your account as a bonus, it is cash that you can withdraw.

All times are in Eastern Daylight Time, and registration for each regular tournament opens 12 hours before the start time. Registration for the VIP tournament is already open, so you can register as soon as you have made 3 deposits. Spots are limited, so make sure you register for each one as soon as you can after they open.

Freeroll Slot Tournament Schedule

Date Game Prize Start Time Duration
August 29 Crystal Waters $250 12pm (noon) 24 hours
August 30 Goldbeard $250 12pm (noon) 24 hours
August 31 Enchanted Garden $250 12pm (noon) 24 hours
Sept. 1 Texan Tycoon $250 12pm (noon) 24 hours
Sept. 2 Loose Caboose $500 12pm (noon) 24 hours
Sept. 3-4 Triple Twister $1,500 12pm (noon) 48 hours

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to play in actual freeroll slot tournaments. It’s so refreshing to see an online casino that understands the concept of free, and I really enjoy playing in these slot tournaments.

Depending on where you are in the world, the casino may have a slightly different name. For residents in the US, you play at Club USA Casino. There are also Club Euro, Club UK, and Club SA Casino for European, UK, and South African residents. The rest of the world, including Canada, plays at Club World Casino.

Freeroll Slot Tournaments

Kahnawake Gaming CommissionThe Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) in Quebec has been licensing and regulating online gambling since 1999, and hasn’t always had the best reputation for dealing with player complaints. However, in the last few years they have really stepped up to the plate by quickly resolving issues that are brought to them.

This is great news for Canadians, since we now have a very reliable local authority to contact for any problems with the many online casinos that are licensed by the KGC. Several of the casinos featured on this website are licensed by them, including ones like All Slots Casino and Red Flush Casino.

Showing their new dedication to transparency, the KGC has released their first annual report which outlines the complaints brought to them. The 2010 report can be found here, these are the highlights:

  • A total of 607 complaints came in, but 169 of those were screened out because they didn’t actually license the casinos that received the complaint, leaving 438 complaints for them to address.
  • Of those complaints, 81 were due to player accounts being locked, 173 were due to delayed or refused payments of winnings, 105 concerned fairness of the casino/games, and the other 62 were miscellaneous complaints.
  • As of December 31st, 2010 – only 17 of the 438 complaints remained unresolved.
  • Of the 421 resolved cases, 193 were dismissed as unfounded and 228 went in the player’s favour.

Only having 17 unresolved complaints (11 of which were received in December), and 54% of cases being resolved in the player’s favor, the KGC is starting to look very good compared to other jurisdictions.

32 Red Casino

Lotto Max

A group of 19 employees from a Bell Canada call center in Toronto won the Lotto Max grand prize of $50M on the New Years Eve draw (Dec. 31st, 2010).

However, nobody will get anything until they figure out who all deserves a share of the prize after an unknown number of people have come forward claiming they deserve a share. The OLG have stated that a rigorous prize claim review process must be completed before anyone gets to see a share of the huge prize.

This isn’t the first time for a couple of things in this story. It’s not the first time extra people from a weekly group ticket purchase have come forward claiming they deserved a share of the pot, and it’s not the first time winning big for 4 employees from the same company.

A dispute arose in 2008 when over two dozen workers at Powco Steel in Barrie, Ontario claimed a $24.5M prize. Others came forward claiming they should have been included on the list of winners shortly after it was announced. After a lengthy investigation, it was found that two names were covered up with white-out on the list of winners provided to the OLG, and four extra people were given an undisclosed share of the prize. The money was frozen for about two years before the case was recently settled.

Four of the first 19 people that claimed this $50M had recently shared a $1M Encore win with a group of 13 people in 2007. Obviously a much bigger prize is on the line this time, but I still wouldn’t mind joining that group of lucky buggers and letting them pick the numbers!

The group is reportedly still in good spirits despite the issue and unknown amount of time it will take to get their fair share of the prize, which works out to about $2.6M for each of the 19 players, though the mood had definitely changed in just a couple days. After happily speaking to the media about their win on Monday (Jan. 3, 2011), the same people quickly brushed by reporters and refused comment in front of the prize office on Wednesday.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather just buy my own tickets after reading about this. Sure the odds are better with more people chipping in, allowing for more numbers to be purchased, but it’s definitely not worth having to wait two years to get your winnings. The sad thing is, it probably happens more often than you hear about with people just being greedy and trying to weasel in, or being jealous and just trying to delay things for the winners.

Check this page in the future for any updates on the situation. Become a millionaire on your own by hitting a progressive jackpot at these Canadian Online Casinos.

Update (February 14th 2011): Some of the Dec. 31st, 2010 grand prize has now been paid out to the winning group. $32M of the $50M has been handed out to the original 19 people and the remainder will have to wait for a court case involving 11 people that figure they deserve a cut. If somebody or everybody in that group of 11 extra people has a legitimate claim, then great, good for them for stepping up. If not, their names should be made public and they should be banned from participating in any lottery groups in the future.

32 Red Casino

Merry ChristmasWe at The Canadian Gambler would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I hope this year has treated you well. If not, I hope the new year will be better. For me the year had highs and lows, but the lows definitely outweighed the highs, so here’s to hoping that 2011 will be much better.

There were also some highs and lows when it comes to online casinos in 2010, and of course the lows get all the press.

This year saw many Rival casinos showing us the meaning of Rogue, and many players went unpaid. Some that were more vocal managed to get some money but they were slow-payed and given the run-around. I’m glad we Canadians are not allowed to play at Rival powered casinos.

Betfair recently made the headlines, and that issue is still ongoing with many players considering (or already taking) legal action against Betfair. It was quite the bonus blunder, many people are very upset with them and they have every reason to be. Read about it here: Betfair not so Fair

Those were a couple of the major lows from this year at online casinos, but there were many highs that you just don’t hear enough about. Many online casinos had great track records for the year, with fast payouts, good customer service, and just running great casinos. All of the online casinos that I played at (many of which are found on this site) and managed to cash out, promptly paid my winnings with no problems at all.

So again, Merry Christmas, and I hope 2011 brings you good luck and big wins!!

-The Canadian Gambler

Online Casino

Jackpot City Casino

Have you ever considered Mobile Gambling? You can actually play slots and other online casinos games, for real money, right on your cell phone!

This form of online gambling is really starting to catch on, more and more people are playing at online casinos from the palm of their hand every day. Cell phones can be used for pretty much anything these days, so why not use them for gambling online?

If you’re on a hot streak, why stop just because you have to leave the house?

Check out the mobile gambling options offered at All Slots Mobile Casino.

Congratulations to these latest winners from All Slots and Wild Jack Mobile Casinos:

All Slots Mobile Casino Wild Jack Mobile Casino
Richard R. £19,600 Tomb Raider Wayne E. $4,735 Tomb Raider
David W. $5,310 Mermaids Millions (WEB APP!) Jane C. £1,882.50 Thunderstruck
Donna K. £3,350 Avalon Dave A. £1,663.75 Tomb Raider
Ralph R. $2,253 Mega Moolah (WEB APP!) Margaret B. £1,600 Double Magic
Paulo R. €1,862.50 Tomb Raider (WEB APP!) Jessica L. £1,508 Thunderstruck
Christopher D. $1,600 Major Millions Ross C. £1,503 Tomb Raider
Sene C. $1,525 Treasure Nile Robert W. £1,444 Avalon
Billy S. £1,407.75 Mega Moolah (WEB APP!) Tracey J. £1,000 Double Magic
David B. €1,350 Tomb Raider (WEB APP!)
John B. £1,131 Thunderstruck
Amelie L. €1,060 Tomb Raider (WEB APP!)
Lee C. £1,047.50 Mermaids Millions
Collin C. $1,022.50 Mermaids Millions

32 Red Casino

Play NowCasino Rewards, an online gaming company which manages more casinos than any other group online has another millionaire to brag about. They have made A.D., a new player in the world of online gaming, $5.2 million dollars richer with a single spin of the progressive jackpot slot game Mega Moolah.

This is the second millionaire to win the jackpot at a Casino Rewards managed online casino, which uses Microgaming as their platform, and this recent jackpot will go down in history as the biggest jackpot win since Casino Rewards opened their virtual doors a little over a decade ago.

In 2008 there was a winner on the very same slot machine that brought home $5 million dollars after a single spin of the reels so it seems Casino Rewards has the “it” machines when it comes to making millionaires.

In total, Casino Rewards offers 16 progressive slot machines to their players; all of which are also offered at other Microgaming powered online casinos. The greatest thing about this win is how it was won – a free bonus! That’s right – the player used a free bonus they received when they registered their account. These free bonuses are offered at quite a few casinos from the brand and the fact that the player won $5,201,558.97 off of free cash it makes the win a whole lot sweeter, and to top it all off, it was only a 50 cent bet!

Casino Rewards has been a steady group in online gaming and continues to prove themselves worthy of players business. If you haven’t already, check out the 32 Casino Rewards casinos offered here and maybe you’ll spin your way into a life changing jackpot.

Play Now

Royal Vegas CasinoThe New Brunswick government is now seriously considering offering an online casino to its residents following in the footsteps of British Columbia and Quebec who both went online in 2010, and Ontario who will be launching an online gambling website in 2012.

While the rest of Atlantic Canada doesn’t seem to want anything to do with online casinos, the government in New Brunswick has instructed the Atlantic Lottery Corp. to seriously look at offering online gambling to the residents of that province.

“What has happened over the years because there has been very much a growth, a very large amount of growth in online gaming, all governments across Canada have looked at it,” said Marc Belliveau, communications director for the New Brunswick Department of Finance and the province’s Lotteries and Gaming Corp.

While all provincial governments in Canada have looked at the idea, only a few have stated that they are interested in the idea. Saskatchewan is one of the provinces that is “very interested” in the idea, but after living here all my life I know how fast things happen in this province.

If Saskatchewan launches an online gambling website, they will likely be close to the last province to do so, even though they are currently showing the most interest after British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

It is obviously a touchy subject with the public, and the only reason a provincial government wouldn’t show interest in the idea is because they are afraid of public opinion. Millions of dollars leave each province every month to what they call ‘illegal online gambling’ (even though it’s not technically illegal to gamble online in Canada). Offering fully legal online gambling from within a province would open them up to all sorts of tax revenue.

If the government of Canada was really smart, they would just legalize and regulate the online gambling that already goes on, instead of doing all the added work of offering their own online casinos. All they would have to do is license the online casinos to operate within Canada and tax them on revenues gained from Canadian players. That would also be a great thing for online gamblers in Canada because of the added protection the license would bring, not that the people at the Kahnawake Gaming Commission don’t already do a great job. All the government of Canada needs to know about doing all of this, has already been done in Quebec by the people of Kahnawake for years.

I’m not sure if I would ever play at a provincial online casino though, simply due to the fact that the payout percentages (or RTP – Return to Player) of land based slots in Canada is much lower than at existing online casinos. The RTP of land based slots in Canada is 92-94% (which is consistent with reports on the slots found at the BC online casino), while most online casinos offer slots with 95-97% RTP on average. While that doesn’t sound like a huge difference, it is calculated over millions of spins so it does make quite a big difference. I have always had better luck playing online slots than the slots at my local casino.

32 Red Casino

Premier Roulette

One of the most favoured games at any casino is Roulette. It offers players the chance of great returns on their wagers. Premier Roulette is leading the world of online gaming with a range of new features that can make your winnings even more significant and give you a higher edge on the game.

Some of the foremost features include the customization options, the 3D wheel zoom feature and the game speed options. With the customization feature, you can choose which table and background you prefer. You can choose your own or select one of the standardized designs to enjoy while you play. You can zoom in closely on the wheel with the 3D zoom feature and get a close look at the action. The other great feature is the speed option. Here you can play ultra fast with turbo mode or you can play at the standard speed.

You can vary between the two options and find which speed works best for you.

This table game is based on European Roulette, so the numbers range from 1-36 and there is only one zero. You can view your bet summary too, which is helpful if you like to work with odds and percentages. Bet ranges are from 1.00 to 200.00, another attractive feature as penny players and high rollers can enjoy endless and exciting options that are available in this graphically outstanding game. Play the odds and win great prizes when you spin the wheel to fortune with Premier Roulette.

Premier Roulette is due to be released on December 7th 2010 along with two new slots at 32Red Casino.

32 Red Casino

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