As a Canadian that has enjoyed playing at online casinos, I designed this website to share some of my experiences and knowledge that I have gained. I would also like to help my fellow Canadians if they ever run into issues with a casino listed on this site, or just have questions about anything.

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I have enjoyed playing at land based casinos in Canada for the most part, aside from the fact that being a smoker limits my play options and beer is so expensive. I’ve always enjoyed playing different kinds of slot machines, so much that I downloaded 32Red Casino and played as a “guest” with play money for years just for fun. One night on a whim I decided to sign up for a real account and try it out. I lost a bit at first, but ended the night up a decent amount. Most of all, it was fun being able to play whatever game I wanted without having to wait for someone to leave, I could smoke wherever I wanted, the same brand of beer cost less, and I didn’t have to wait in line to get to my fridge or bathroom. Read my 32Red Casino Review for the whole story.

Since then I have enjoyed playing at various casinos, researching first to make sure they are trusted so that there are no worries about getting paid. 32Red Casino is still my favorite place to play, I’m not always as lucky as I was the first night, but the games are definitely fair. You can feel safe playing at all the casinos listed on this site.

32 Red Casino

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