Here you will find my reviews and information about the various slots available at the online casinos featured on this website, along with screenshots of the paytables and some of my personal wins playing with real money. Most casinos that run the same software offer the same games, but there are a few exceptions to this and some online casinos have a few games that others don’t. There are hundreds of entertaining slots to play, but I tend to only write about the ones that I enjoy the most. I am always adding information and screenshots for various online slots, and new ones are released every month, so check back often.

Also, keep an eye on the New Slots page to get information on the latest slot releases.

I am currently playing at a few other online casinos that are running software other than the three mentioned above. If I decide that they are good casinos to play at, I will list them on this site and add new sections for the different slots available. I have recently found quite a few fun and unique slots, like the ones at these Cryptologic Casinos.

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