Game of Thrones SlotWinter is coming! Actually winter is in full swing where I live in Canada, but I don’t care because I can stay home and play this! The Game of Thrones slot was just released to Microgaming Casinos on December 1st, 2014. It seems they listened to their customers for this big name release, and made two different versions of the slot, one with 15 paylines and another with 243 ways to win. I have seen quite a few complaints on the various gambling forums out there about the recent Microgaming releases all being 243-way slots, and some people just don’t like that style of slot.

While my opinion of the show varies from episode to episode, this new slot seems like a good one and the Game of Thrones theme from the music to the symbols was all done well. In the short time I’ve had to play it, since it was just released this morning, it felt very similar to the TV show – whenever I would get two scatters to land, it seems the third one (my favorite) kept getting killed off before being able to do any good. ;)

The Game of Thrones slot features stacked wilds on both the 15-line and 243-way versions, in fact there doesn’t appear to be any difference between the two other than the number of paylines, and I’m sure the payouts are set up differently because of that. I didn’t really look at the differences between the two paytables. I like 243-way slots, so that’s what I’ll be focusing on here.

The Free Spins Feature is triggered when three scatters land on the reels during the same spin. There are four different types of free spins that you can choose from, named after four of the main families from the show – Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, and Targaryan.

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The Baratheon free spin feature gives you 8 free spins with a 5x multiplier, and the Baratheon family crest symbol is stacked 3 high during those free spins. The Lannister feature gives you 10 free spins with a 4x multiplier, and the Lannister family crest is stacked 4 high.

The Stark feature gives you 14 free spins with a 3x multiplier, and the Stark family crest is stacked 5 high. Last but not least, the Targaryan feature gives you 18 free spins with a 2x multiplier and their family crest symbol is stacked 6 high.

The way those features are set up, it basically evens out the possibilities, so I can’t say that any one would be a better choice over another. When I’m faced with choices like that, I tend to go for the higher multiplier option and hope for a nice hit in the fewer free spins.

You can find the Game of Thrones slot at any of these trusted Microgaming Casinos, along with the multi-software casinos that have Microgaming games. With a large range of betting options, 4 free spin features, stacked wilds, and having the choice of playing the same slot as a 243-way or 15-line slot, the Game of Thrones slot is bound to please most people.

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Game of Thrones Slot 1Game of Thrones Slot 2Game of Thrones Slot 3

Jurassic Park SlotJurassic Park is a new online slot from Microgaming, released in August 2014, that features 243 ways to win, stacked wilds, and several different bonus features.

The theme of the slot is based on the classic hit movie Jurassic Park, and all of the symbols are characters or dinosaurs from the movie. The graphics are very well done, with a moving jungle background and clips from the movie. The animated dinosaurs seen during the free spin features are also well done.

Coin sizes range from 1c to 5c, and you can bet up to 10 coins per spin. Since it is a 243-way slot, your bet will work like it is a fixed 30-line slot, making a minimum bet of 30c per spin up to a maximum of $15 per spin.

I have really enjoyed playing this slot since it was released.

The T-Rex Alert Feature triggers randomly during play, and 35 extra wilds are added to the reels for a number of spins. These aren’t free spins, but they do give you a better chance at a nice win, and you will see a T-Rex walking around in the background before the feature ends.

The Free Spins feature is triggered when 3 or more scatters land on the reels during a single spin. The type of free spins is chosen at random, until you unlock the option to choose your own free spin type. Once you trigger free spins 25 times at the same casino, you will get to choose from the 5 different free spin features.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex feature gives you 12 free spins with Wild Reels. During these free spins all T-Rex symbols are stacked, and a T-Rex can appear during any spin to make up to all 5 reels wild, though I’ve only seen it make one or two reels wild so far. These free spins cannot be re-triggered.

The Velociraptor feature gives you 12 free spins multiplier wilds and split wilds. During these free spins, all Velociraptor symbols are stacked and Velociraptors can appear at the end of any spin to change symbols into either multiplier wilds or split wilds. The multiplier wild will be 4x to 6x and a split wild gives you two wild symbols in one, giving you the possibility to get 6-of-a-kind wins. These free spins cannot be re-triggered.

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The Triceratops feature gives you 12 free spins with Running Wilds. During these free spins, all Triceratops symbols are stacked, and another wild is added to the stack of wilds on each reel at the end of every spin. On the last spin, there are 15 wilds in each stack. On any non-winning free spin – reels full of stacked wilds will hold while all other reels re-spin, and any partially stacked reel will nudge to form a fully stacked wild reel for that re-spin as well. These free spins cannot be re-triggered.

The Brachiosaurus feature gives you 12 free spins with a mystery multiplier. During these free spins, all Brachiosaurus symbols are stacked, and all wins are multiplied by 2x up to 6x. This is the only free spin feature that can be re-triggered with 3 or more scatters.

The Dilophosaurus feature gives you 12 free spins with Winning Wilds. During these free spins, all Dilophosaurus symbols are stacked and these dinosaurs can show up on any spin to turn random symbols wild. If the wild contributes to a win, it is held in that position for the next spin, and stays held until it does not contribute to a win. More wilds can be added while others are held, so as long as you keep getting winning spins, you can end up with some really good wins with lots of wilds. These free spins cannot be re-triggered.

I think this may be the best release by Microgaming this year. There have been some big ones recently like Avalon II and Terminator 2, but Jurassic Park is definitely my favorite so far. It almost makes up for a slot that I really miss, since Canadians are no longer allowed to play the Playboy Slot.

You can play Jurassic Park at any of these trusted Microgaming Casinos.

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Jurassic Park Slot 1Jurassic Park Slot 2Jurassic Park Slot 3
Jurassic Park Slot 4Jurassic Park Slot 5Jurassic Park Slot 6

Terminator 2Terminator 2 is a new online slot, released on June 4th 2014 by Microgaming. This new slot features 243 ways to win, wild symbols, a bonus feature, and a unique free spins feature.

Coin sizes range from 1 cent to 50 cents, and you can bet up to 10 coins per spin. This gives you a very large range of bets, from as low as 30 cents per spin all the way up to $150 per spin, so it should suit any style of play.

I would call Terminator 2 a low to mid variance slot, which will give you many smaller wins and large wins will be more rare. I found that the lower paying symbols lined up quite often for 5 of a kind wins, even without the help of wild symbols. This type of slot can keep you playing for quite a while, but don’t expect it to make you rich in one spin.

The theme of this slot is obviously the Terminator 2 movie, with the main characters from the movie being the higher paying symbols.

The Free Spins Feature is triggered when 3 or more scatter symbols land on the reels during a single spin. What makes this free spins feature unique, is that all the reels stretch up to add another spot and makes it a 4×5 1024-way slot. You are awarded 10 free spins, which cannot be re-triggered. During these free spins, the T-1000 symbol can transform into any other character symbol, in a way that awards you the highest possible win.

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The T-800 Vision Feature is triggered randomly at the end of any non-winning spin. This feature gives you a cash prize for every movie character symbol that’s on the reels, with the T-1000 symbol awarding the largest wins. If there is only one scatter symbol on the reels when this feature is triggered, it will trigger the free spins feature.

There are also achievements to unlock, much like Thunderstruck II (which was the first Microgaming slot to have this feature). When you line up three, four, and five of a symbol at least once, it will tell you that you’ve unlocked an achievement. Once you’ve done that for all available symbols, those symbols will change on the reels.

I really like the movie, so it was pretty easy to like this slot. So far it’s been quite a bit better to me than some of the other recent releases from Microgaming have. The free spins feature has potential for some very large wins, if you can get enough T-1000’s on the reels, and I like how it morphs into a 1024 way slot.

You can play Terminator 2 at any of these trusted Microgaming Casinos.

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Terminator 2 Slot 1Terminator 2 Slot 2Terminator 2 Slot 3

Avalon II 50 Free SpinsAvalon II is a new Microgaming online slot, released in February 2014. This new slot features 243 ways to win, stacked wilds, an expanding wild, and several different bonus features.

The graphics are very nice and there is a good variety of bonus features. Quite an upgrade from the original Avalon slot, but that slot is over 10 years old now and I still enjoy playing it. The only thing similar between the two slots is the theme.

The coin values range from 1c up to 50c, and you can play up to 5 coins per spin. Since it is a 243-way slot, the bet works like it would on a 30-line slot, so the minimum bet is 30c per spin and the max bet is $75 per spin. There is no progressive jackpot, but the top payout during the bonus feature is $1.2 million.

There are two features available during regular spins, if the Lady of the Lake symbol lands on the middle reel, it will expand to make the entire reel wild. At the completion of any spin, Merlin can pop up randomly to give you a bonus. He will either multiply your win, or give you a cash prize.

The grail symbol is the scatter, landing three or more of these during a spin will trigger the Grail Bonus. The Grail Bonus is your journey through the kingdom on a quest to retrieve the Grail and return it to Avalon. It consists of 8 different features, each bonus trigger takes you further along your quest.

The first feature of the Grail Bonus is Lake of Legend where you try to reforge the sword Excalibur. You are given 10 dice rolls in an attempt to get all the numbers 1 through 6, as each number represents a fragment. Each dice roll awards 1x to 6x your bet, and you get 15x for completing the sword. If you get all the fragments before the last roll, each roll afterwards will be worth 6x regardless of the result. On the second bonus trigger, you go to Misty Vale with 15 free spins. You choose a character to become a 2x wild during those free spins.

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On the third trigger, you must choose your path between two different features. Whispering Woods takes you to the Mystical White Knight who presents you with 5 shields to choose from. You can keep your first pick, or choose again, you have two chances to change your mind. Forest Falls gives you 20 free spins with trailing wilds, which stick to the reel and slide down one spot each spin, leaving a trail behind. I think the best choice there would be Forest Falls, mainly because I prefer free spins over pick features.

The fourth bonus trigger takes you to Dusky Moors where you are given a choice of helms and you need to match two; the multiplier increases for each non-matching helm found until a match is made.

The fifth time the bonus is triggered, you are taken to Morgan’s Keep where you get 20 free spins with rolling reels. On each spin, all symbols involved in a win will be removed and more will fall in from the top for more possible wins, and this continues until nothing lines up. Each consecutive spin will increase the multiplier 1x up to 6x.

The sixth bonus trigger takes you to the Hall of Shadows where you try to defeat the Black Knight to recover the Grail, each strike will earn you a prize. The next bonus trigger will see you return to the Isle of Avalon, where you spin the Wheels of Avalon to reveal your prize. If the third wheel stops on the golden spot, you will unlock the Bonus Wheel. I’m assuming that’s where the top payout of 2,400,000 coins comes in to play.

I haven’t made it all the way through the Grail Bonus yet, but so far I’m really enjoying this slot. It’s very nice to look at and I like how you have to go through the various features on a “quest”, it keeps the game entertaining and gives you a goal, other than the obvious big wins you’re trying to get.

You can find this new slot at any of these Microgaming Casinos, or use the link above to get 50 free spins.

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Avalon II Slot 1Avalon II Slot 2Avalon II Slot 3
Avalon II Slot 4Avalon II Slot 5Avalon II Slot 6

Iron Man 3Iron Man 3 is a new Playtech online slot machine, and the third in their series of Iron Man slots. It is one of the Marvel Progressive Jackpot slot machines games, meaning there are a total of 4 jackpots for you to win.

The game follows the tale of Tony Stark, just like the movie does, and although there are some good special features, it doesn’t seem to pay out as much as it predecessor.

Players can click on the line bet button to alter their stake. The line bet button will see player’s wagers range from 1c per coin, up to a total of $5 per coin. Since you can only stake one coin per line, setting up your wager is a fairly simple task.

The line bet is multiplied by the number of paylines chosen by the player (there are 25 in total), to place your wager somewhere between the minimum of 1c per line, per spin; and the maximum of $125 per spin.

The wild icon is certainly the best paying icon in the game. This mishmash circle of triangle shapes (yes, I do mean that), is the wild symbol. It will pay out a total standard jackpot of 10,000 coins if 5 are struck on any payline. The wild can also substitute itself for all other symbols, with the exception of the scatter icon.

The scatter icon is the Iron Man logo. When this icon appears three or more times, anywhere on the reels, a free spins round is triggered. As well as free spins though, you will also land multipliers of 3x, 10x or 100x your original stake, depending if 3, 4 or 5 of the scatters have been found.

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The free spins are triggered in a stage known as the Hall of Armour Free Games round. Here players can choose from Mark 42, with 10 free games and a freezing wilds feature, with the possibility to win additional free games; the War Machine with 8 free games, random wilds, and the potential to win more free games; and the Iron Patriot, which offers 15 free games, with a dynamic multiplier and again, the possibility of landing more free games.

If the player lands a golden, grey and blue Iron Man on the first, third and fifth reels respectively, they will trigger the All System Go Re-Spin. Here players are awarded 1 re-spin, with their Iron Man icons locked into place. These acts as scatters, so the more like-coloured Iron Men you land in this re-spin, the more you will win. The wild doesn’t count in the re-spin round.

All four of the progressive jackpots in this video slot are triggered randomly. There is the Marvel Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot game, which is kind of like a pick-and-win game, that will determine whether you walk away with the Power, Extra Power, Super Power or Ultimate Power jackpot.

Given its cost, and considering that the Marvel super hero themed slots have four progressives, all of which are worth decent sums of money, this game is a hit. Furthermore, I have managed to win more than fair amounts using the Iron Patriot free spins round and All Systems Go Re-Spin feature, so I know well what it can pay, if luck is on your side!

You can find The Avengers at any of these trusted Playtech Casinos.

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The Avengers SlotThe Avengers is one of Playtech’s newer Marvel progressive jackpot slots. Based on the popular 2012 movie, this new slot has four different types of free spins and four different levels of progressive jackpots to be won.

Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and The Incredible Hulk are some of the better paying symbols in this game. Captain America is the best paying standard icon you can acquire, being worth a total of 1000 coins if 5 of them land on an active payline.

In order to place their stake, gamers must click on the line bet button. This will adjust their bet to anything from 1c up to $5 per line.

There are a total of 20 paylines spread over the 5 reels this video slot has to offer, and that means minimum and maximum wagers vary from just 1c per spin, up to a total of $100 per spin.

The Shield symbol is wild in this game. It can substitute itself for all other icons in the title, with the scatter icon being exempt of course. It can also offer a top non-progressive pay-out of 10,000 coins if 5 land on an active payline.

The scatter icon is the Avengers logo, and 3 or more of them landing anywhere on the reels will trigger The Wall of Heroes Bonus. Players will also pick up scatter wins of 3x, 10x, or 100x their stake for 3, 4 or 5 of the scatters.

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In the Wall of Heroes Bonus, 20 Avengers logos will appear on the screen. The player must then pick the symbols, until they have matched 3 of the same super hero. When this happens, the bonus screen goes away, and the corresponding free spins round begins. At the end of the free spins round, players are sent back to the Wall of Heroes for another set of picks. If Loki is revealed, the bonus ends and players are returned to the main game.

In the Captain America free games, the player wins 9 free spins with a 2x-5x multiplier. The Thor free games sees players land 9 free games with Thor’s Hammer shooting lightning at the symbols on each spin, adding 0-5 wilds anywhere on the reels. In the Hulk free games round, players get 9 free games with the third reel always being wild. The Iron Man free games gives the player 9 free spins with an increasing multiplier and an extra wild symbol on the middle of the third reel during the feature.

The player can also trigger a 200x line bet bonus, if they manage to assemble all of the different heroes of The Avengers on any active payline. This is known as The Avengers Assemble bonus.

There are four progressive jackpots to win in this slot, which are randomly triggered. The Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power progressive jackpots can only be won when the player is taken randomly to a second screen, where they can pick from a series of icons, which will reveal what jackpot they have won. Any spin of any bet size can trigger the progressive round, and once in there, you are guaranteed to win one the four jackpots.

You can find The Avengers at any of these trusted Playtech Casinos.

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The Avengers Slot 1The Avengers Slot 2The Avengers Slot 3
The Avengers Slot 4The Avengers Slot 5The Avengers Slot 6

Thor: The Mighty AvengerThor: The Mighty Avenger is one of Playtech’s Marvel superhero themed slots, containing the 4-level Marvel Progressive Jackpots. Themed after the recent movie starring Thor with images from the film, and loaded with features, this slot is sure to appeal to most players.

Coin denominations in this progressive jackpot slot start out at only 1¢. Via the line bet button, they can be raised up to a total of $1, though players can only stake 1 coin per line. There are fixed total of 30 paylines, and this means your wagers are going to fall somewhere between the floor bet of 30¢ per spin, and the ceiling bet of $30 per spin. The progressive jackpot feature can be triggered by any bet, larger bets increase the chances of triggering it.

Thor is the wild icon, and it can also pay out a secondary jackpot of 5000 coins, if 5 are lined up on any payline. The Thor wild appears stacked on reels 2 and 4 in the main game, and when it covers the second reel, a Thunderstorm Re-Spin is triggered. Should it cover the fourth reel, a Lightning Free Spin is triggered. The wild subs itself for all icons with the exception of the scatter, and other special icons.

The Thunderstorm Re-Spin feature awards players a re-spin, with the second reel frozen with wild icons. The Lightning Free Spin feature gives gamers one free spin with 2 to 5 wilds distributed across the reels.

Thor’s Hammer is the scatter icon, but it simply pays as a scatter and doesn’t trigger anything.

The Gatekeeper icon will offer free games via the Rainbow Bridge Feature, when it is found to cover the entire third reel. In the free spins rounds, you must choose 1 of 2 orbs to move to your free spins destination. The main game is called Asgard and from there you can travel to Earth or Jotunheim, where you will get free spins. If you got there during a free spins round, it can either end the bonus and return you to the main game, or back to Jotunheim or Earth to play more free spins. Both free spin modes are played out on special reels, check out the screenshots below to see what they look like.

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The Jotunheim free spins mode sees players land an extra wild, and free games can be played indefinitely until The Gatekeeper covers the entire third reel. If that extra wild is used in a winning combination, that payline is frozen for the next spin, guaranteeing at least the same win again or you could hit a bigger one.

The Earth free games mode adds a special symbol to the fifth reel only. If this symbol lands anywhere on reel 5, the scorching multiplier feature is triggered. Anywhere from 2 to 6 symbols will be lit on fire on the first four reels, and the frames of those symbols will remain lit for 1-4 spins. While they are on fire, if the symbols in those positions are part of a winning combination, the win is multiplied by 2, 4, 8, or 16 depending on the number of burning symbols in the win. These free spins also go on indefinitely, until the Gatekeeper covers the third reel.

Like all Marvel Progressive Jackpot network games, the jackpot can only be triggered randomly. In the jackpot game, the player is taken to a screen where they must pick symbols. The first three jackpot icons matched will see the player win that jackpot. There are four jackpots to win.

I’ve really enjoyed playing this slot since it was released, the many different features keep you entertained for a long time. You can find Thor: The Might Avenger at any of these trusted Playtech Casinos.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
Thor: The Mighty Avenger 1Thor: The Mighty Avenger 2Thor: The Mighty Avenger 3
Thor: The Mighty Avenger 4Thor: The Mighty Avenger 5Thor: The Mighty Avenger 6
Thor: The Mighty Avenger 7Thor: The Mighty Avenger 8Thor: The Mighty Avenger 9

Santastic SlotSantastic is a new Christmas themed video slot found at RTG online casinos. Designed and developed by Real Time Gaming (RTG), this seasonal release is sure to get certain gamers in the mood, and to be fair, it is actually a rather well packed slot, with quite a few special features worth playing for, unlike some other Christmas themed titles.

Like many other Christmas slots, this RTG title contains a wealth of rather generic Christmas symbols, such as candy canes, snowmen, reindeer, the “north pole”, a Christmas tree, and of course, Santa. Santa is the best paying of the standard symbols in this slot, and it is worth a total of 100x your bet per line if 3 of them are struck on any active payline.

In order to construct a wager on this unique 3 reeled video slot, players must first choose their coin denominations. They range from 10¢ up to $5 per coin, and you can only stake one of these per line. You are however, at liberty to adjust the paylines as you see fit, and this means that the game can be played for as little as just 10¢ per line, per spin. At its most expensive, the slot will set players back a total of $25 per spin, for all paylines at the max wager.

The Progressive Jackpot is a relatively small amount in terms of progressives, but that’s because it is quite easy to win and it is awarded often. The progressive is won if three jackpot symbols line up on an active payline, and those symbols are stacked during Jackpot Spins.

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The Festive Feast Feature is triggered every time three symbols, other than the jackpot symbols, line up on an active payline. You are awarded one of the prizes on the bonus meters which are located on both sides of the reels. These prizes include: 2500x bet, jackpot spins, a single jackpot spin, 3, 10, or 25 free games, and no bonus. Unfortunately there are two of those “no bonus” prizes and it seems to land on one of them more often than not.

The wild symbols are only found on reels 2 and 3, the one on reel two is x2 and the one on reel three is x3. If both icons line up, the resulting win pays x6. The wild symbols will substitute for all others except for the jackpot symbol.

I have enjoyed playing this unique Christmas themed slot, and I’m sure many others will too. Be careful though, I’ve found that it can be quite addicting even when it was draining my bankroll faster than a Vegas stripper. You can find this new slot at any of these trusted RTG Casinos.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
Santastic Slot 1Santastic Slot 2Santastic Slot 3
Santastic Slot 4Santastic Slot 5Santastic Slot 6

Hen HouseHen House is one of RTG’s (Real Time Gaming’s) latest progressive jackpot slots, with the twin progressive jackpot feature being the highlight. The developers have chosen to go with a farmyard theme here, but this isn’t all about sheep’s and cows. Instead, Henhouse is about a wily old fox, who is desperately trying to get into the coop, and a jolly old farmer who doesn’t seem to be too overly concerned about him.

If one was to judge Hen House simply on the graphics, the style in which they have been created, one would say that it is standard. However, the fact that they have chosen to use imagery that most gamers won’t ordinarily have seen in a farm-yard themed slot before is actually quite a winning idea.

The slot is colourful, and well designed, and doesn’t appear too cluttered, even though there is a lot going on.

Bets are constructed on a coin value x number of coins x paylines basis here. Coin denominations start out at only 1¢ at their lowest, and can’t be raised higher than $1 per coin. The player can only wager 1 coin per line, so their maximum wager is never going to exceed a total of $25 per spin, given that there are 25 paylines. At its lowest cost, players can have a stab at the Hen House video slot, for as little as 1¢ per line, per spin.

Gamers should keep an eye out for the hen icon, on the second, third and fourth reels. This icon is the wild symbol, it is stacked on those middle three reels, and will substitute for all symbols except the scatter.

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The scatter icon is the egg symbol. Scatter symbols multiply the total bet you have staked. Players can pick up multipliers of 2x, 20x or 200x their total bet, if they land 3, 4 or 5 of them, respectively, anywhere on the reels. If you land 3 or more eggs anywhere on the reels, you will also trigger the Hen House Pick Feature.

In this bonus round, players can select from 9 hens to locate regular eggs, golden eggs, bonus symbols, or rotten eggs which end the bonus round.

The Hen House Pick Feature starts with 5 free spins x1 and three rounds of picks to increase those numbers. In the first round of picks, finding an egg awards 3 extra free spins and another pick is given. If a golden egg is found, 5 extra free spins are awarded and round 2 is triggered.

In the second round, finding an egg increases the multiplier by 1 and awards another pick. If the player lands a golden egg in their pick, it will increase the multiplier by 2 and trigger round 3. In the final round, finding a game symbol will make that symbol wild during the free spins. Free spins will start once a rotten egg is found, or the player completes round 3 successfully.

There are two progressive jackpots to win here, a minor and a major progressive jackpot which are awarded randomly, at any bet level. Increasing your bet size will increase the chances of winning the progressives.

Hen House is actually a pretty decent slot to play, it should be good fun for most players. You can play it yourself and see you if you like it at any of these trusted RTG Casinos.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
Hen House Slot 1Hen House Slot 2Hen House Slot 3

Racing for Pinks slotRacing for Pinks is one of Microgaming’s latest releases. This online video slot has a street racing theme, with plenty of colours and cars, and hot, flashy graphics splashed throughout. The brand new title, which was released in October 2013 is rapidly becoming popular with the online gaming community.

The graphics don’t really do anything that we haven’t already seen before in other car themed video slots. Muscular and rough drivers, gorgeous babes, and engines are all typically included, many of which become animated when involved in a win.

The gaming control menu, located at the bottom of the screen, is simple and easy to use. Clicking on the Bet button will pop up options to change your coin value as well as the number of coins bet per spin.

Coin denominations range from a low of 1¢ up to a high of 20¢, and the player is entitled to wager up to 15 of these per spin. Ultimately, you can wager anywhere between the minimum of 30¢ per spin, and the maximum stake of $90 per spin. The number of paylines is fixed, as it is a 243-way slot.

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Racing for Pinks is a non-progressive jackpot slot, which is worth around 30,000 coins, for matching up 5 wilds on a payline. The wild icon in this title is the Racing for Pinks logo. As well as awarding the non-progressive jackpot, the wild icon can also substitute itself for all other symbols in the game, except for the scatter icons.

The scatter icon, when landing on both the first and fifth reels, will trigger a free spins bonus. Here, the player can land up to 30 free spins, with up to a 5x multiplier. The player will never have less than 2x multiplier attributed to their winnings during a free spins round. Free spins can not be re-triggered, but the Bonus Rance can be triggered during the free spins round.

Landing the Bonus Race icon on the first and fifth reels will trigger the Bonus Race. In this feature, the player can win up to 175x their original bet. In the bonus game, players must pick a racer, and hope that their racer goes on to win. If you manage to land 5 successive winners out of 5 successive races, you will win the grand prize in the bonus, the 175x multiplier.

I can’t see myself playing this one a whole bunch. The few times I have played it, I found it really tough to hit either bonus feature. It’s tough enough to hit scatters on just the first and fifth reels, adding another scatter to those reels makes it even tougher. My most common complaint when playing a slot like this is that you can always get enough scatters to land, they’re just never all the right ones.

You can find this new slot at any of these Microgaming Casinos.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
Racing for Pinks slot 1Racing for Pinks slot 2Racing for Pinks slot 3

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