Dolphin Quest SlotDolphin Quest is yet another undersea adventure slot from Microgaming. One of their newer releases, Dolphin Quest aims to do the underwater slot theme properly.

From a graphical perspective, this dolphin themed video slot is rather nice, with decent animations and a good background. The icons on the reels include less stereotypical undersea icons, such as stingrays, octopus, turtles, lionfish and of course, the titled dolphins themselves. A simplistic gaming menu at the bottom of the screen, wraps up a quite agreeable visual layout for this title.

Dolphin Quest is a 5 reel, 50 payline video slot with 4 symbols visible on each reel, and so assessing how a wager is constructed is a simple process. Clicking on the Bet area will pop up the options for changing your bet size and number of paylines. Gamers can opt for coin values that can be adjusted from 1¢ up to 50¢, and they can stake a total of 5 of these per line. This means that the player can play Dolphin Quest for as little as 1¢ per spin; or if they wish, they can wager anything up to $125 per spin, with all of the paylines activated.

The Dolphin Quest logo is the stacked wild symbol, and as well as offering substitutes for all symbols except the scatter, the wilds also offer the top non-progressive jackpot of 150,000 coins, when all 5 reels are full of wilds.

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The scatter icon, which is also wild, will send players to the Dolphin Quest Bonus when they land 3 of them on the middle three reels. The bonus round consists of a new set of reels, coupled with bonus prizes instead of icons. Whatever appears on the middle line, will be won by the player. Free spins are absent from this slot.

Given that the player is left with a large wagering range, this new slot can be enjoyed by low and high rollers alike. The fact that the graphics are of a superior quality to other new Microgaming releases, and that they exceed other underwater themed slots is another plus. The use of stacked wilds, which can actually fill an entire reel at times, and all reels at that, is yet another superb feature. However, the absence of a free spins bonus round has not gone unnoticed.

As good as Dolphin Quest is, we are living in an age of free spins, and the lack of them here does hurt the game’s chances of being an outright success. That being said, if the goal of Dolphin Quest was to be the number one underwater themed slot, then in those regards, it has achieved this wonderfully. Whether or not the absent free spin round is enough to keep you away though, is entirely up to you.

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Screenshots (click to enlarge)
Dolphin Quest Slot 1Dolphin Quest Slot 2Dolphin Quest Slot 3

Georgie Porgie SlotRhyming Reels – Georgie Porgie is a relatively new title that has been released at Microgaming online casinos, and is just one of a handful of new games released under the Rhyming Reels franchise this year.

Like its predecessors, this slot is about the children’s nursery rhyme. It is all about ugly Georgie Porgie who wants nothing more than to wander around kissing the cuties. The slot is comical in nature, has a couple of decent features, but falls short graphically.

So, the graphics are a bit on the flaky side. But that’s not all. The menu bar, although easily understandable, is a bit on the cheap side too. Normally when the menu bar doesn’t have the option to select the number of paylines, it means it’s fixed at that number of lines, but you can adjust the number of lines on this slot by clicking on the payline numbers on the left and right sides. These are purely aesthetics though, and certainly not enough to undermine what could potentially be a very good slot.

Rhyming Reels – Georgie Porgie contains coin values that range from 1p up to 10p, and players can wager up to 10 of these coins per payline. The paylines are adjustable, and there are 15 of them in total. At its lowest stake, this latest Rhyming Reels slot will set you back only a penny per spin, with just one line, mind you. On the opposite end of the gambling spectrum, the slot can only go up to $15 a spin, so not the best for those that like really high stakes.

The question is; do you get value for your money? The answer is definitely yes. There is a total jackpot worth 975,000 coins, which is worth $97,500 on the max stake of just $15. The wild icon in this slot is the Georgie Porgie icon, which multiplies wins by 5. It will substitute for all other symbols except the scatter, as well as permitting players to win the non-progressive jackpot, if 5 are struck on a payline during free spins.

Scatter icons are represented by the mouth spray icon. Hitting 3, 4, or 5 of these symbols anywhere on the reels will see the player land 15, 20, or 25 free spins respectively. All wins are automatically multiplied by 5x their value in the free spins round, although if a player uses a wild to complete a payline, they will land 25x that amount during free spins. Additional free spins can also be won with scatter icons during the bonus round.

With all things being considered, Rhyming Reels – Georgie Porgie is a decent slot. The liberal use of multipliers throughout both standard and free spins gameplay is superb, but the graphics are pretty disappointing. So, there are both reasons to praise and condemn this title. Ultimately, it will probably come down to what you as a gamer care about more. Are you a graphics gamer, or do you just want to win money? Players in the latter group will find Georgie Porgie much to their liking. I like a bit of both, so I would say that for most of us, this release is satisfactory.

You can find this new slot at any of these Microgaming Casinos.

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Georgie Porgie Slot 1Georgie Porgie Slot 2Georgie Porgie Slot 3

The Dark Knight Rises The Dark Knight Rises is a new online slot from Microgaming. This is the second slot in The Dark Knight series, featuring images and scenes from the movie, and it is quite a bit different than the first one.

The Dark Knight Rises features the same 243 ways to win, but there are no progressive jackpots, and no other real similarities. There are wild symbols on every reel, with an added expanding wild symbol on the third reel. There are two different free spins bonus features to start with, and two that will be unlocked after triggering the feature 10 times. Once unlocked, there are two types of Batman Free Spins and two types of Bane Free Spins.

Coin sizes range from 1 cent to 25 cents, and the number of coins per spin ranges from 1 to 5. This gives you a minimum bet per spin of 30 cents and a maximum of $37.50 per spin, and when you put it at the max bet, the paytable shows a top payout of $445,000.

The number of free spins, and the multiplier for those free spins, is determined by fights between Batman and Bane that take place at random times on your screen at the end of a spin. Both Batman and Bane have a counter that starts at 10 free spins with a 1x multiplier. Each time one of them lands a nice hit, a number of free spins and/or multipliers are added to the counter. The feature is triggered by three or more scatters landing on the reels during a spin, and you then choose which feature you want to play.

The counter remains at the same number if you leave the game and come back, and it also stays the same if you change your bet. The bet per spin during free spins is determined by an average of the bets made up until the feature was triggered. If you always bet $1 per spin, free spins will be played at $1 per spin. If you changed your bet at any time, it takes the number of spins at each bet level to determine the average. Everything gets reset when the feature is triggered, except for the counter that unlocks the other two free spins features after 10 triggers.

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The Batman Free Spins features are Extra Wild Blast, and Heat Seeking Wilds gets unlocked after 10 feature triggers. The Extra Wild Blast lets you choose one of 6 symbols to make wild during your free spins. The Heat Seeking Wilds feature adds extra wild symbols to reels 2, 3, and 4 which can split in two for 6 of a kind wins. A 6 of a kind win pays double the amount of a 5 of a kind win on the same symbol.

The Bane Free Spins features are Rolling Reels, and Super Stacked Wilds is unlocked after 10 feature triggers. During The Rolling Reels free spins, symbols that land in a winning combination are removed after the payout, and other symbols fall in from the top to possibly create consecutive wins on the same spin. The Super Stacked Wilds feature adds stacked wild symbols to reels 2 and 4 during the free spins.

There is also a random feature that can occur on any spin called the Symbol Scramble. The screen will shake the symbols loose from the reels and they will fall back in place ensuring the highest possible win for the symbols that were there. If there are 3 or 4 of the same symbol, it will put them in the first 3 or 4 reels to create a win.

I have enjoyed The Dark Knight Rises since it was released, and it’s been nicer to me than the first one has. That could be due to the fact that the base game will have a higher payout percentage, or RTP (Return To Player), since there are no progressive jackpots this time. You can play this new slot at any of these trusted Microgaming Casinos.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
The Dark Knight Rises 1The Dark Knight Rises 2The Dark Knight Rises 3

Playboy SlotPlayboy and Microgaming have teamed up to bring you a sexy and classy new online slot. This new slot features 243 ways to win, wild symbols that double your wins, four different free spin features, and achievements to unlock.

The Playboy slot is very similar to Thunderstruck II and Immortal Romance, but it’s not exactly the same as those two, it’s missing the randomly activated bonus where you get one free spin with up to 5 reels turning wild. I’m not really sad about that feature not being in this slot, while it can give you some very nice wins, it often only gives you one wild reel without much of a win and that can be frustrating.

The four different free spin features are triggered by the usual three or more scatters landing on the reels during the same spin. The first free spin feature is unlocked on the first trigger, and the second feature is unlocked after triggering the bonus five times.

Every 5th trigger of the bonus, a new type of free spin feature is unlocked until all four are available. You can choose to play any feature that has been unlocked.

I also heard that once you trigger the bonus 20 times to fill the meter, the ladies will remove their clothes, but I have yet to confirm this (only triggered it 5 times so far in the limited time I’ve had to play it).

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Like TSII and Immortal Romance, once you get 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, and 5 of a kind of a symbol without using a wild, you will see “Achievement Unlocked”. You can track which symbols you’ve unlocked, or need to unlock, by looking at the paytable (see one of the screenshots below for my current paytable status). Once all symbols are filled on the paytable, something will happen to the appearance of the game. In Thunderstruck II, the symbols turn golden.

The first free spin feature is Kimi, she gives you 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier. This is the only feature that can be re-triggered by 3 or more scatters landing on the reels during free spins.

The second free spin feature is Sofia, she gives you 15 free spins with Running Wilds. During this feature, wilds start to stack up on the reels, with each free spin adding 1 wild to the stack on each reel.

The third free spin feature to unlock is Ashley, she gives to 20 free spins with Rolling Reels. During this feature, when you line up a win, the winning symbols are removed from the reels and new ones are dropped in from the top. Each spin starts at 1x, and each consecutive win from the symbols dropping in will increase the multiplier up to 5x.

The last unlockable free spin feature is Jillian, she gives you 25 free spins with the Wild Night feature. During these free spins, the Wild Night feature can occur randomly, turning up to five reels wild. This is very similar to the missing random feature, but I like it better this way. They took out my least favorite free spin type from Thunderstruck II and added this one.

You can find the Playboy slot at these Microgaming Online Casinos.

Update: Canadian players no longer have access to this slot. You may have noticed that the Playboy slot simply disappeared from the list one day, with no notice or reason given. I can only assume it’s due to licensing and trademark issues, since there are Playboy branded slot machines in Canadian land-based casinos. That’s basically the same reason we can’t play IGT and WMS slots online, since those two software companies create the slot machines found in our casinos. If the Canadian government was smart, and wanted to catch up with the rest of the world, they would simply license and regulate these online casinos and these conflicts would be removed. Even the US, who was extremely opposed to online gambling, to the point of charging people and confiscating millions of dollars, has smartened up and started selling licenses.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
Playboy Slot 1Playboy Slot 2Playboy Slot 3
Playboy Slot 4Playboy Slot 5Playboy Slot 6

Jack and Jill slotJack and Jill is a new slot from Microgaming, released in June 2013. This new slot is part of the Rhyming Reels series of slots from Microgaming and features 20 paylines, a multiplying wild symbol, and a free spins feature.

The theme of this slot is based on the old nursery rhyme “Jack and Jill went up the hill, to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after”. I had always assumed that Jack and Jill were brother and sister, and my wife had the same assumption, probably due to the cartoons we watched as kids.

So it came as a bit of a surprise when we played this slot for the first time. The wild symbol has hearts on it and there is a symbol showing the scene where Jack has fallen down, but his pants are halfway down and Jill is standing there topless. There is also a symbol showing the well that they were getting water from, Jack and Jill aren’t in sight, but Jill’s shirt and bra are. If they are brother and sister, that must be an awfully close family, possibly from one of them there southern states… lol

All kidding aside, it is a good slot with great features that can help you hit some big wins. Each wild symbol adds a 2x multiplier to your win. If more than one wild symbol is involved in a winning combination, the multipliers will add together to give you up to 10x your win. The two highest paying symbols, the Jack symbol and the Jill symbol, will award a mixed pay if the different symbols line up three or more on a payline.

The free spins feature is triggered when three or more scattered Pail symbols land on the reels during the same spin. You are awarded 15 free spins with a 4x multiplier. The wild multiplier is still in play during free spins, so it is possible to hit some very nice wins with this feature. Unfortunately these free spins cannot be re-triggered, so getting three or more scatters on a free spin will only pay the scatter win.

You can play Jack and Jill at any of these Microgaming Online Casinos.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
Jack and Jill slot 1Jack and Jill slot 2Jack and Jill slot 3

Dr. Watts Up slotDr. Watts Up is one of two new slots released from Microgaming in June 2013. This new slot features 243 ways to win, wild symbols, free spins, and a second screen bonus.

With a minimum bet of 30 cents per spin and a maximum bet of $300 per spin, this slot is sure to fit any budget. As with most of the latest releases from Microgaming, you can change both the coin value and number of coins per spin by clicking on the BET button just above where it shows the value of your bet. Clicking on the left and right arrows beside the bet value will only change the number of coins per spin.

The free spins feature is triggered when 3, 4, or 5 scattered atom symbols land on the reels during a single spin. You are awarded 10, 15, or 20 free spins based on the number of scatters that trigger the feature. There is no multiplier for the free spins, but one random reel is turned wild for every spin. Free spins cannot be re-triggered, but the Laboratory Bonus can still be triggered.

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The Laboratory Bonus is triggered when the lab mouse symbol lands on the first, third, and fifth reels. You are taken to a second screen where Dr. Watts Up is experimenting with chemicals on the lab mouse. You have to pick two of the 12 chemicals to mix together and the resulting effect on the mouse determines the amount you win. You have three chances to create a good mixture, and you can collect or try again after each try.

I’ve hit the Laboratory Bonus quite a few times now and found that if you end up with a sexy female mouse, that appears to be the highest amount you can win. If you end up with a nerdy male mouse, that was the second highest, and a three-headed mouse was less than that. You can also end up with a bat-mouse, a pile of mice, a blob of slime, and other things that are worth the lowest amounts. I may not have seen all the different results, so there could be one result worth more than the sexy mouse, you’ll have to play it and find out for yourself.

You can play Dr. Watts Up at any of these trusted Microgaming Casinos.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
Dr. Watts Up slot 1Dr. Watts Up slot 2Dr. Watts Up slot 3

Bust the BankBust the Bank is a new slot from Microgaming with 243 ways to win, wild symbols, free spins, and a few other bonus features. I really like this new slot, which is more than I can say for a few of the latest releases. I didn’t really like Piggy Fortunes that came out last month.

Coin sizes range from $0.01 to $2 with up to 10 coins allowed per “line”. With this being a 243 way slot, bets work the same as a fixed 30 line slot. Total bet ranges from $0.30 per spin, all the way up to $600 per spin, so both low and high rollers should enjoy this game.

The free spins feature is my favorite thing about this new slot. If three or more scatters land on the reels during the same spin, you are awarded 8 free spins with the entire first and last reels being wild.

Each time a scatter lands on the reels during a free spin, you are awarded an extra spin. Since this is a 243 way slot, all that needs to happen is for three of the same symbols to land on the middle reels, and you’ll hit 5-of-a-kind for that symbol nine times. Check out my screenshot below of a nice win I hit during this free spins feature.

The Safe Bonus is triggered when a safe symbol lands on reels 1 and/or 5. The safe will award a cash prize that will duplicate on each reel below, as long as it didn’t land on the bottom of the reels.

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The Piggy Bank Bonus is triggered when a piggy bank symbol lands on the middle reel. A large piggy bank will pop up on the screen, and you click on it to bust it open and reveal your prize. So far I have won as high as 100x my bet on this bonus, and as low as 2x.

To top it all off, keep an eye out for Larry and Bob (the two robbers featured in the game) who can randomly throw some cash your way. It’s not always a large amount, but it’s better than nothing.

You can find this new slot at any of these trusted Microgaming Casinos.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

The Sopranos Slot

The Sopranos is a new slot created by Playtech, based on the popular HBO television show. This new slot features 25 paylines, wild symbols, and a ton of different bonus features. There are four different free spin modes and three different second-screen bonus features to be won.

The free spin feature is triggered when three or more scatter symbols land on the reels during a single spin. There are four different free spin modes, three of which need to be unlocked by triggering free spins a certain number of times (very similar to Thunderstruck II and others from Microgaming).

Triggering free spins with 4 or 5 scatters will give you two points on the progress bar. Once unlocked, you can choose which mode you would like to play.

The first of the Four Free Spin Modes is “Soldier”. In this mode you are given 25 free spins with Christopher as an extra wild symbol. If this extra wild lands on the center of reel 3, you are given an extra 5 free spins. The second mode is “Capo” which gives you 20 free spins with a random starting multiplier of 2x to 5x. If a Paulie symbol shows up during a spin, the multiplier for the next spin will go up by one. If there is no Paulie symbol, the multiplier for the next spin will go down by one.

The “Boss” mode is the next unlock, which gives you 10 free spins with 2 to 5 additional wilds added to the reels on every spin. If a wild symbol lands on the center of reel 3, before the extra wilds are added, you are given another 5 free spins. The last mode to unlock is “Family” which gives you 10 free spins with only the 6 characters and the scatter being present on the reels. The wild symbol will double any wins it is involved with during free spins. Even though the scatter is present during this mode, it cannot re-trigger the feature.

The Raid Bonus can be triggered randomly while playing the main game. You are given 4 envelopes filled with cash, and 4 places to hide them. Only two of the stash locations are safe, and two will be found during the raid. You get to keep whatever amounts are not found during the raid. You can play it safe by ensuring you get 2 envelopes, or you can try get all four while risking them all, it’s up to you to decide.

The Bada Bing Bonus is triggered when the Bada Bing symbol lands on reels 2, 3, and 4 during the same spin. All 5 other characters are waiting to meet Tony, choose which one you want him to meet next and you will win a cash prize. After the meeting, one of two things can happen. You either get to pick the next person for Tony to meet, or the bonus will end and you will return to the game.

The Stolen Goods Bonus is triggered when the shipping crate symbol lands on reels 1 and 5 during the same spin. You are shown 10 containers and the cash prizes that are in them, but you don’t know how much each container holds until you pick it. After you choose the first container, you can quit and take the prize, or swap it for another pick. You are given up to 3 picks, with the third pick being final.

You can find this new slot at any of these trusted Playtech Casinos. The ton of features available can keep you entertained for hours and possibly richer than when you start playing.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
The Sopranos Slot 1The Sopranos Slot 2The Sopranos Slot 3
The Sopranos Slot 4The Sopranos Slot 5The Sopranos Slot 6

Girls with Guns SlotGirls with Guns is a new online slot from Microgaming featuring 243 ways to win, stacked wilds, an expanding wild, and a free spins feature. This new slot appears to be a clone of the original Lord of the Rings slot before they changed it and added progressives.

They later changed the theme to The Dark Knight after JRR Tolkien’s estate sued Warner Brothers over misuse of the brand, namely for putting the brand on slot machines with plans to do the same with The Hobbit.

Warner has recently counter-sued the estate, claiming lost revenue and reduced exposure for the brand, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing any LOTR or The Hobbit slots any time soon.

Anyway, back to Girls with Guns. It is a 243-way slot with a minimum bet of 30 cents per spin, up to a maximum of $30 per spin. The amount of paylines, or ways in this case, can not be adjusted.

Your bet works the same as it would on a fixed 30 line slot. The coin size for the game can be adjusted from a penny up to a nickel, and up to 20 coins per “line” can be played.

The wild in the game is the Girls with Guns symbol, and this appears stacked 3 symbols high on each reel. There is also an expanding wild on the third reel that will expand to fill the entire reel, regardless of where it lands.

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The scatter symbol is a heart-shaped grenade; when three or more of these scatters land on the reels during the same spin, you are awarded 15 free spins. One random reel will become wild on each free spin which can help score some big wins. It’s too bad there is no multiplier during free spins, but there are a ton of wilds on the reels so that makes up for it. Free spins can be re-triggered.

I think I enjoyed the Lord of the Rings version better. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against sexy women with guns (though real ones instead of cartoons would be better), I’m just a big fan of the LOTR books and movies. The movie clips that played while you were playing the LOTR version actually added a lot in terms of making an entertaining slot machine. I hit a decent win during one of the first times I got free spins on this slot, you can see the screenshot of that win below, along with paytable information.

You can play Girls with Guns at any of these trusted Microgaming Online Casinos.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
Girls with Guns Slot 1Girls with Guns Slot 2Girls with Guns Slot 3

The Finer Reels of LifeThe Finer Reels of Life is a new online slot found at Microgaming casinos. This new slot features 243 ways to win, wild symbols, and several different bonus features. It is another clone of the popular Thunderstruck II, which is where Immortal Romance came from.

To accommodate most levels of play, the coin sizes that are supported on the game range from $0.01 to $0.05. All bet amounts are automatically multiplied by 30 ‘lines’, so the minimum bet is 30 cents and the max bet is $7.50 per spin.

There are two wild features that are offered in the game. The first is a standard wild, which is the logo. This symbol can appear in any position on the reels and will substitute for all other game symbols except the scatter. The second wild feature is one of the main highlights of the game and is called the Wild Celebration feature. This can be triggered at random at the start of any spin on the game. When the feature is activated, you will have the chance to enjoy as many as 5 reels turning wild, creating the chance to collect massive cash payouts.

The main feature that makes the game exciting is the Finer Features, which is triggered by getting scatter icons (Bonus Star). Two scatters will award a standard scatter payout, but three will trigger a game bonus. Within the bonus, there are four different features that are available, including Coffee and Chocolate, Wine and Cheese, Whiskey and Cigars and Champagne and Diamonds.

Each feature will offer different reward amounts and various numbers of free spins with multipliers. The triggered round will depend on how many stars have been collected. Each time the feature is triggered, you will earn a star for the star meter. The more that are collected, the higher tier you will be able enter in the bonus round. Once you unlock the bonus features, you can choose which one you want to play each time you trigger the bonus.

The Coffee and Chocolate feature offers 10 free spins with a great 5x multiplier and this can be entered with 1-4 stars. The Wine and Cheese round will require between 5 and 9 stars, and features 15 free spins with a special wild wine icon. When this wild lands on the middle reel, it will randomly turn other symbols on the reels into wild symbols.

Whiskey and Cigars is triggered with 10 to 14 stars and offers you 20 free spins on the game with burning wilds. Burning wilds can randomly turn symbols into 2x or 3x multipliers, and a 6x multiplier can be awarded if two symbols start to burn. The Champagne and Diamonds bonus will award 25 free spins with rolling reels and you will need 15-20 stars to activate this tier. Rolling reels means that symbols involved in a win will disappear and be replaced with new symbols that fall in from the top, this can award multiple wins on one spin. Each consecutive win will increase the multiplier by one, up to 5x.

You can find this slot at these trusted Microgaming Online Casinos.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
The Finer Reels of Life 1The Finer Reels of Life 2The Finer Reels of Life 3

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