Punisher™ is a Marvel™ video slot found at the Playtech casinos on this site. It features 20 paylines, a wild symbol, and a free spins bonus feature. It is also linked in to the Marvel progressive jackpots, with a randomly triggered bonus game where you are guaranteed to win one of the progressives.

Skull symbols land on the reels every so often during a spin, dropping a skull down to the bottom of that reel where you will notice 4 spots to collect skulls. Collect all 4 skulls under one reel and free spins will start. You are awarded 5 free spins with a x2 multiplier, and every time a skull lands on a reel during a free spin, 5 more free spins will be added.

If you leave the game and come back, all collected skulls will remain. I thought I was smart the first time I played it and low-rolled until I got 3 skulls under a couple reels and then upped my bet. Turns out the programmers of the slot were smarter and the collected skulls only remain for the current bet. So you can collect skulls, increase or decrease your bet and collect skulls, and the slot will remember how many skulls you have collected for each bet. Even if you leave the casino and come back a week later, the collected skulls will still be there.

The progressive jackpot game can trigger on the completion of any spin, at any sized bet. The jackpot bonus game consists of a 20-square scratch card where you reveal one of four symbols in each square, match 3 symbols and win the corresponding jackpot for that symbol.

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