Getting started playing at online casinos is quite simple. Just find a casino that you would like to play at on this website (I highly recommend one of my Top 10 Online Casinos), and click on a link to take you to their website. Most casinos offer both an “Instant Play” and a download option. You will need to set up an account, and yes they do ask for lots of info, but they do have to verify your identity just like showing your ID at a land based casino.

The Free Slot Games above are an example of the Instant Play casino at All Slots. It runs in your browser using flash to display the graphics, and there is usually an extra plugin you have to install. The flash versions don’t offer all the games that you can play with the download version, or the same quality of graphics, but it saves you from having to download and install the casino.

Downloading the casino is always the best choice, as you get the full experience that way. The install is usually a very small download, and games will either download automatically while you play, or one at a time when you click on them to play. Once downloaded, you can go back to that game any time without needing to download it again. Everything you need including the bank, games, and live chat are usually all available within the downloaded program. All important areas are normally accessible through the “Lobby”, this is the first page you see after starting the program and logging in.

Once you are logged in and in the lobby, you are ready to visit the bank. If you would like to claim a welcome bonus, the lobby will sometimes have an easy coupon redemption button for you to click. If you have a coupon code, that can be redeemed in the banking page. If you were offered a welcome bonus and didn’t get any coupon code and there is no button in the lobby, then the bonus will most likely be automatically applied. You can then go ahead and deposit using the payment method you prefer. If you don’t see that a bonus was given after you deposit, go to live chat and ask customer service why it wasn’t. They are usually happy to help and quick to act.

Once that is all taken care of, you are ready to play whatever games you like. If you have taken a bonus, make sure to read the terms and conditions of that bonus before playing.

Good luck and enjoy your online gambling experience!

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