Grand Slam of Slots IIThe Grand Slam of Slots tournament is back with bigger prizes than ever! The first GSOS tournament held in 2009 resulted in the first online slots tournament millionaire, and this year there is a special prize of $2.43 Million in gold.

On top of that golden prize, there is a minimum prize pool of $290,000 with a guaranteed grand prize of $100,000. The prize pool depends on the number of players participating in the tournament, and there is a limit of 5000 players.

This tournament is held by Microgaming through the many participating Microgaming Casinos who have tickets to give away as prizes in the many feeder tournaments and special promotions, starting today March 14, 2011.

How the Tournament Works

Starting on March 14th, participating casinos (shown below) will begin holding regular feeder tournaments with entries to the GSOS final as the prizes. There are also various other promotions at these casinos offering players additional ways to win tickets to the final tournament.

To increase your chances of winning a ticket, all you really have to do is play at your favorite Microgaming Casinos. The more casinos you play at, the more variety of chances you will have to win a ticket. You can also win several tickets this way because entries to the final are only limited to one per alias, not one per person. You have to create a different alias for each casino that you play tournaments at.

Each casino has their own terms, so make sure you read them. Most state that you must be a depositing player, and at Red Flush for example you have to have deposited over $100 and wagered over $3000 to play in the final. Since there is two months before the final, that’s not a hard thing to do if you just play at the casino few times.

Once you have your tickets to the finals, all you have to do is wait until May 27th when the GSOS II Final starts. The prize table for the final is shown to the right, but that will change once the number of players is known. The more players there are, the bigger the prize pool gets.

The nice thing I noticed is that there are only 5 continues. Sure that will cost $100, but it’s definitely worth it if you start with a good run, and not a bad investment if you win the $100,000.

Prize Table

Position Prize Prizes Total
1st $100,000.00 1 $100,000.00
2nd $50,000.00 1 $50,000.00
3rd $25,000.00 1 $25,000.00
4th $12,500.00 1 $12,500.00
5th $7,500.00 1 $7,500.00
6th $5,000.00 1 $5,000.00
7th $4,000.00 1 $4,000.00
8th $3,000.00 1 $3,000.00
9th $2,000.00 1 $2,000.00
10th $2,000.00 1 $2,000.00
11th-25th $1,000.00 15 $15,000.00
26th-35th $900.00 10 $9,000.00
36th-45th $800.00 10 $8,000.00
46th-55th $700.00 10 $7,000.00
56th-65th $600.00 10 $6,000.00
66th-75th $500.00 10 $5,000.00
76th-85th $400.00 10 $4,000.00
86th-95th $300.00 10 $3,000.00
96th-115th $200.00 20 $4,000.00
116th-125th $150.00 10 $1,500.00
126th-290th $100.00 165 $1,650.00
Special Prize $2.43 Million 1 $2.43 Million

The first player to complete the Thunderstruck II paytable achievements will win the special prize of $2.43 Million in gold bullion. A re-buy will reset the paytable. I’m not yet sure what happens if nobody completes the achievements, I didn’t see anything about the gold being guaranteed to be given away, but I hope someone wins it.

Stay tuned to this page for updates over the next couple of months.

Participating Casinos

Maple Casino and other Vegas Partner Lounge casinos
All Slots and the Jackpot Factory casinos
Red Flush and Casino La Vida
Go Wild Casino

Grand Slam of Slots II Finals

Finals Start:
Finals End:
Game to be played:
Min. Players:
Max. Players:
Starting Coins:
Coins per Rebuy:
Coins per Add-On:
Friday 27 May 2011 – 05:00 GMT
Monday 6 June 2011 – 17:00 GMT
Thunderstruck II
58,500 coins (195 spins on Max Bet of 300 per spin @ 18 minutes of play)
Unlimited number of Rebuys at a cost of $20 each
58,500 coins (195 spins on Max Bet of 300 per spin @ 18 minutes of play)
Max of 5 Add-Ons at a cost of $20 each
27,000 coins (90 spins on Max Bet of 300 per spin @ 8 minutes of play)
Only the player’s top score will be represented on the leaderboard and be eligible for a prize.

32 Red Casino

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