GerminatorGerminator is a fun and unique game only found in the flash version of MicroGaming casinos. I don’t normally play the flash version, since the downloaded online casino offers much better graphics and more games, but this game is worth it. One benefit to the flash casinos is that they are MAC friendly, and there currently are no MAC versions of MicroGaming casinos that are available for download.

Germinator features a 6×6 grid of cartoon-like “germs” of different strains. Each germ is worth a certain amount based on your line bet, and when you line up three or more germs (vertically or horizontally) of the same strain, you will be paid for each germ. Once all the wins are tallied, the germs that lined up will pop and more will fall in from the top to fill the grid back up. This will continue until there is no longer any germs lined up.

There are pill capsules attached to some of the germs, and if you are left with at least 3 pills on the screen after the last wins are counted up, you can select a germ strain to wipe out. This gets rid of all the germs of that strain and the rest fall in to the empty spots. Choose wisely and you can end up with a great win.

I highly recommend trying this game, and there are a few others that are decent in the MicroGaming flash casino as well. Here is a link to the Golden Tiger Flash Casino where you can play this game, it is listed under “Other” in the games tabs and it is new so it’s on the first page. If you already have a Golden Tiger Casino account, you can sign in and play by clicking the “Connect” button, otherwise there is a big “Register” button in the bottom right corner where you can sign up to play for real or for fun.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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