New Respin Feature

Two of the four new MicroGaming slots that were released yesterday, November 9th 2010, feature a new respin option. You can pay a certain amount to respin one reel at a time. The 5-reel slots with the new feature are Reel Gems and Retro Reels.

The cost of respinning a reel is determined by the odds of hitting big on that respin. If you see four high paying symbols lining up and want to respin a reel to try to line up five, it will cost several times your total bet. It’s quite cheap to respin the last few reels to line things up starting from that end, but the cost jumps way up when trying to line up the fifth symbol.

I tried it out in practice mode just to see how it worked, and I had mixed results. I found that the best time to use the respin is on Reel Gems, a ‘243 ways-to-win’ slot, when the wild symbols land on reels 2 and 4. You can respin the other reels to line up some very nice wins. Doing this I was able to increase my bankroll by quite a bit.

The worst I did was on Retro Reels when I was trying to line up 5 of the jackpot symbols. I got four to line up on reels 2-5, and then it cost $50 per respin on the first reel. I quickly lost all my money without hitting the jackpot.

So it’s best not to try for the biggest wins possible, as it can be quite costly, but you could get lucky and hit it on the first respin. It all comes down to the risk you are willing to take.

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New Respin Feature

New slots are here! Four new online slots were released today at these trusted MicroGaming casinos, be one of the first to try them out!

The new slots released are Dolphin Coast, Monsters in the Closet, Steinfest, and Tiger’s Eye (click the names to read more info on each slot).

I gave them a quick test run, and so far my favorites are Dolphin Coast and Tiger’s Eye, they both gave me free spins in the short time that I played them. I landed a nice hit on Tiger’s Eye during free spins, see the screenshot below, I was only betting 40 cents per spin but ended up winning $40 by the end of the free spins.

The other two slots just took my money, and I don’t really like slots with two scatter symbols for different bonus games. It seems to add too many symbols to the mix and makes it tough to line things up or even just hit one of the bonuses, especially when there are only 9 paylines like on Steinfest. I will go back to play them some more, just wanted to give you my first impressions, though it looks like Steinfest will be another slot that I won’t play very often.

Try these fun new slots and more at these great MicroGaming online casinos. I recommend playing Tiger’s Eye first.


New Slots

On January 11th 2011, four new MicroGaming slots will be released to MG casinos. These new video slots include Hot Ink, Private Eye, Money King, and already a second slot in the Retro Reels series – Diamond Glitz.

This is one of the main reasons I like MicroGaming so much, they have been releasing 4 new casino games every month! Most of them being slots – my favorite.

Hot Ink has a tatoo parlour theme and features 1024 ways to win on a 4 symbol x 5 reel layout, free spins, and the new respin feature. This respin feature was introduced just a couple of months ago, and it enables you to respin a single reel for a weighted extra bet.

The Private Eye slot obviously has a private eye theme and features 243 ways to win on a 3×5 layout, free spins, and multipliers. Monkey King is a 5 reel slot that features stacked wilds and a multiple feature bonus game with the chance to win up to 25 free spins.

Retro Reels: Diamond Glitz is the second slot in the Retro Reels series of video slots. This new 5 reel slot features free spins, huge top payouts, and the respin feature which made its debut on the first Retro Reels slot.

Check the New Slots page for more info on each new slot.

Play the new slots at these MicroGaming casinos when they are released on January 11th.

New Slots

A new feature was added to this website today that makes viewing images and groups of images much easier. If you have visited the Slots and Screenshots section before, you may have found it annoying that you had to open each picture in a new window or tab to be able to read the paytable information. Now, using a lightbox-style app, if you click on a screenshot it will pop up in the same window and give you the option to click “Next” or just click on the picture to go to the next image in that group.

Try this group of some of my winning screenshots for example by clicking on one of the images:

Alaskan FishingAlaskan FishingGreat Blue

Rings and RosesTriple TwisterTritons Treasure

I think that is much better, and I hope you enjoy this new feature. Visit the casino below to create your own winning screenshots and share them with fellow gamblers on my Facebook page.

Canadian Online Casino

BwinDue to recent events, it has been decided by many in the online gambling community to issue a warning to players to stay away from, and affiliates to stay away from their BeWinners affiliate program.

On Sept. 14th, 2010, Bwin announced their so-called “new and improved” affiliate program – BeWinners – with several new and shocking Terms and Conditions. These terms were blatantly obvious in their intent to steal money from the hard working affiliates who have been the main source of Bwin’s success over the years.

Why warn players to stay away and not just affiliates? Simply because if Bwin is willing to steal from its business partners, it is not a safe place for anyone to play at. This has been seen many times in the past, if affiliates are treated poorly, players are often treated worse. Most affiliates care about how the players are treated at the gambling establishments they promote, which is why many of us have decided to issue this warning.

Bwin and BeWinners have been contacted many times since mid-September and refuse to budge on these terms. Both the casino and affiliate program are now considered rogue at Affiliate Guard Dog.

Visit to read more about this issue and see the new terms.

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