Lord of the rings

Join “The Quest” today and build your Fellowship on your journey to Mordor. Collect coins along the way for playing your favorite slots at any of the online casinos on this page. The Quest starts on October 25th 2010, and $9000 in cash will be given away by November 21st 2010. Thousands of free spins on The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring slot game will also be given away during this promotion.

Collect coins each week by playing your favorite slot games at the casino. Collect all 9 coins each week to build up your Fellowship and continue on The Quest.

Your journey begins Oct. 25th as you join the Hobbits on their quest from the Shire. Collect 9 coins each week to first have Aragorn join your Fellowship on week 1, Gimli on week 2, Legolas on week 3, then complete The Quest and have Arwen join your Fellowship on week 4. Finish the quest for your share of $9000 in cash!

Each coin you collect earns you 10 free spins on The Lord of the Rings video slot, collect all 9 coins during a week to have 90 free spins credited to your account the following Monday. They aren’t minimum bet free spins either, each spin is valued at $0.90 on this 243-way video slot.

Don’t miss out on this great promotion, start your quest on Monday October 25th!

 Lord of the rings

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